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GUEST POST: The Keto Rash?

Written by Chelsea Tibbetts
I started my Keto journey a little over 7 weeks ago, and I am here to share my personal story with the keto rash. I have experienced the rash to varying degrees on my abdomen, breasts, and armpits since Week 2. I hope that by sharing my story, I can bring awareness to this relatively rare, red-splotched phenomenon and help those who are currently struggling with it. 

As I returned from my first run on keto in Week 2, I was relieved to get in the house and head to the shower. As I pulled off my shirt I noticed some red splotchy marks on my belly, on the sides of my breasts and armpits. They didn’t cause any discomfort, but it did give me quite a shock upon discovery! I had my shower and decided to keep an eye on the spots. I continued to run almost daily, kept up with my multivitamins and added in a few more carbs in the evenings. 

For the next three weeks, the red dots remained but did not bother me. I reasoned that it was likely a side effect of the diet cha…

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